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Welcome to Jan Brøgger's web site 

About me

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Political writings

Articles with links are translated in English. For Norwegian originals, click the Norwegian flag above. List of pieces here.

  1. Any port in a storm for Norway? (The Norwegian-American, 22.02.2020)
  2. Learn to say «Możesz głosować» og «Galite bolsuoti» (BT 02.04.2019)
  3. Norden! (oversatt fra Fréttablaðið)
  4. Women who give birth today are true heroes (BA 11.02.2019).
  5. Trump - Second Act! (Minerva 01.02.2019)
  6. Silly box wine prohibition (BT 29.01.2019)
  7. Don't rock the boat - British EEA membership (BT 15.12.2018)
  8. We are all Irish now (Minerva 15.10.2018)
  9. EU as Norway's plan B (VG 11.07.2018)
  10. UK in the EEA? (VG 13.12.2017)
  11. Trump's endgame (Minerva 09.08.2017)
  12. Gunpowder, steel and boots (Minerva 27.02.2017)
  13. NATO by a thin thread (Minerva 20.12.2016)
  14. Goodwin's law is here again (BT 13.07.2016)
  15. Norway and the gossamer web of Europe (BT 26.06.2016)
  16. Anti-british drivel (BT 22.01.2016)


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